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Deadsquad x Isyana Sarasvati performing Lexicon (Photo by Pophariini)

The collaboration no one saw it coming recently performed in I Don’t Give a Fest has given us the answer on this unique project. 2 music groups with extremely different characteristics decided to surprise their fans, it was joyful.

This collaboration proves that both Deadsquad’s death metal and Isyana Sarasvati’s…

Sweet like sugars
Arose! that feeling which can be felt by any men
Laid my eyes on you once, and
Since then I know it’s true
A new pathway has been found, it led to happiness
But, before we walk on that rune of a happy life
I want to stay here for a little while longer,
Letting you cherish your happy and passionate life a little while more,
As you help me grow back my old ones

Ketika seorang bucin berkontemplasi~

Selamat datang di tulisan pertama saya di Medium. Di platform ini saya akan menuliskan opini-opini saya, atau cerita-cerita yang ingin saya bagikan. Untuk yang ini jujur, saya tidak tahu pasti tulisan ini berisi curhatan atau opini. Mungkin teman-teman bisa tentukan sendiri~

Sebelum adanya pandemi Covid-19, saya…

R. R. Gamawan

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